Japan Travel Sim

Japan Travel Sim
Japan's Local Data Sim Cards from JapanTravelSIM are designed to greatly reduce the cost of using your mobile phone or tablet devices when travelling in Japan. Amazing! You can use your own Smart Phone or Tablet right after you land in Japan!!

When you make plans for your trip to Japan, choose JapanTravelSIM to get the best data rate!!

Prices :

Japan Travel Sim Prices
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Why Japan Travel Sim :

Why Japan Travel Sim
High Speed High Speed and Great Coverage!

JapanTravelSIM is powered by NTT Docomo network, which gives you high speed data within all over Japan. You can even post photos at the top of Mt.Fuji with our SIM!

No excess No excess charges, because it's a Pre-Paid!

If you have ever used what is so-called “international data roaming” while you were overseas, you must have experienced the “Bill Shock” that is meant to be an unexpectedly huge amount of bill for a bit of Internet access. Here is the best solution to avoid such an unnecessary payment.

Dispose Simply dispose after use. No need to return it to the shop!

Just dispose the SIM after finishing. No need to return the whole device like a wifi-modem rental service. Enjoy your trip till the last moment!

Recharge Fast, Easy, Secure Recharge Anytime, Anywhere!

Every time you recharge, you can select your pay method on the website. There are two ways, Online or Convenience store payment. And it takes just a few seconds to be done!

Order / Enquiry :

Order / Enquiry
Any questions or order your JapanTravelSim, please call us at (02) 9264-7384 or send an enquiry from below!!
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