This 1,100-kilometer trip connects the railways of Shikoku

From the window you will see majestic natural scenery, including the tranquil islands of the Seto Inland Sea, the Pacific Ocean, and trees of varied colours. Shikoku also has magnificent natural scenery and famous hot springs like the stunning Oboke Gorge, the Shimanto River, known as Japan's last clear stream, and Dogo Onsen, Japan's oldest hot springs. Moreover, there are also trains running on Shikoku's railroads that are fun just to ride, like the Anpanman Train and the Torocco Train. Come to Shikoku and enjoy a relaxing visit.

※ To get more information. Please visit All Shikoku Rail Pass website operated by Shikoku Railway Company..

Shikoku Railway

Price of All Shikoku Rail Pass

TypeOrdinary (coach class)
Duration AdultChild
2 days JPY7,400JPY3,700
3 Days JPY8,500JPY4,250
4 Days JPY9,400JPY4,700
5 Days JPY10,000JPY5,000
※ Pass prices for children apply from age 6 to and including age 11.

How to use Japan Rail Pass?

How to obtain Japan Rail Pass

Present your Exchange Order and obtain your SHIKOKU RAIL PASS after you arrive in Japan. You have to turn in your Exchange Order (with your passport) to receive your SHIKOKU RAIL PASS at a SHIKOKU RAIL PASS exchange office in a major JR station.

  • You cannot use an Exchange Order when you travel on JR lines. Turn in your Exchange Order and obtain your SHIKOKU RAIL PASS at one of SHIKOKU RAIL PASS exchange offices.
    (Please note the office hours and closing days)
  • Your Exchange Order must be turned in for a Shikoku Rail Pass within three months of the date the Order was issued.
    (for example, an Exchange Order issued on 15 April would have to be turned in by 14 July)
  • At the time of the exchange you will be asked to fill in a short application form and to show your passport with the Temporary Visitor stamp that you received on entry into Japan. You must show your passport* and this stamp to process the Rail Pass Exchange Order.
  • Without your passport, the pass exchange will not be made. (A photocopy of your passport is also not acceptable because you must show the "Temporary Visitor" stamp in it.)
  • If you are a Japanese national resident in a country other than Japan and with permanent resident status in that country, please show, in addition to your passport, documents testifying to your status.
  • The type of PASS described on the Exchange Order cannot be changed.

How to make seat reservations

There is reserved seating on the Limited Express, Express, Rapid Airport, and Sightseeing trains. Present your Hokkaido Rail Pass at a "Midori-no-madoguchi" (ticket office), and state the date, train name and zone you wish to use and a reserved seat ticket will be issued at no extra charge.

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